Payment always takes place in advance and in full and is processed by MultiSafepay.

Payment can be effectuated in different manners as outlined below and as indicated during the ordering process. Further (payment / ordering) conditions can be imposed on the order of a consumer. After an order has been placed the consumer immediately receives a confirmation by email stating the total costs.

iDeal: If you use internet banking of ABN AMRO, ASN Bank, Friesland Bank, ING, Rabobank, SNS Bank, SNS Regio Bank or Tridios Bank then you can securely pay your order electronically via our website.

An electronic payment via the internet can be compared with a PIN payment in a shop. After you have placed your order you opt for the iDeal payment method. A window opens where you can select the bank of your online banking. You then follow the procedure that you are used to when payment via internet banking. The payment is basically processed on the same day. For more information we refer you to the website of iDeal.

Direct and online by means of a credit card payment
 (Maestro / Mastercard / Visa / Vpay).

Your payment is authorised online in order that you immediately know of it is approved or not. Additional costs are not charged for payments with a credit card.

Bancontact / Mr Cash

This is a payment method specifically for our Belgian customers. Simply via your own bank with bank card. Safe and secure!

When paying you opt for Bancontact / Mister Cash in the shopping cart, you enter your card number and the expiry date of the payment (debit) card. Then the window of your own bank appears as you are used to and you can then enter the other data for further identification.

Mister Cash is an online payment system for Belgian customers. At the moment well over 90% of the Belgian banks have been affiliated with this online payment system. The payments with Bancontact / Mister Cash on the internet are secured in an optimal fashion as you are used to of your own bank (usually by means of a digipass or card reader). This is a security module provided to you by your bank if you use internet banking. The amount is immediately debited from your current account and we are immediately informed by your bank in order that your order can probably also be shipped on the same day (depending on the time).

In case of insolvency or suspension of payment of the consumer (or a corresponding petition or request) the claims of ARTU NAPOLI shall immediately fall due.

If ARTU NAPOLI must outsource its claim for collection then the consumer is liable to pay a fixed amount equal to 15% of the payable principal sum on account of extrajudicial collection costs. If ARTU NAPOLI can demonstrate that it has necessarily incurred higher costs then these costs shall also be at the expense of the consumer.